Protect Your Things. Protect Your Family.

What goes on when your children are with the babysitter? Is your father being treated well by his PSW? Is your house cleaner stealing your jewellery one piece at a time? You will never know, unless you have evidence.

Stop wondering. We have everything you need to protect your belongings and family.

The Unsuspecting Clock.

The Hidden Camera Clock fits in anywhere - home, office, dorm, warehouse, salon etc.

The fully functioning LCD alarm clock can secretly record in high quality MPEG-4 format - up to 42 days of recordings on the included 2GB SD card (expandable up to 32GB).

Easy to use: plug it in, set the time and it's ready to go.

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CASE No. 834-103

Krista noticed that her kids were becoming withdrawn and quiet when she left them with the babysitter. She became worried that something wasn't right. She bought a Hidden Clock Camera from U-Spy Canada, and quickly learned the truth. She caught the babysitter inviting her boyfriend over. The babysitter was immediately terminated. Krista felt good that she had protected her children.


Everyone Has A USB Stick Right?

Have you ever looked at someone's USB stick and wondered if it was secretly recording you? Probably Not. Most people don't.

That's why this mini recorder is totally unsuspecting. Just place it on a desk - with motion-activated recording and simple button operation, it doesn't get any easier.



Always Have It With You.

Never be without video again - take this Hidden Key Fob Camera with you everywhere you go.

If you've ever been in a car accident, you'll know how important it is to take photos of the damage. While it may be difficult to reach your cell phone, or it may be destroyed in the crash, this key fob will record video or pictures with the touch of a button.

Or place it in your office, home or vehicle for secret recording. It has 1080p resolution and an SD card slot up to 64GB.

Protect Your Little Ones.

Your children depend on you to keep them safe. Part of that responsibility is knowing what goes on when you aren't around - babysitters, ex-partners etc.

This cute little dog keeps an eye on your children. The camera is hidden in the toy's electronics, nearly impossible to see. With 1280x960 video resolution, a 10 hour battery and 16GB of internal memory, you won't have to worry about missing a thing.

If your child has a favourite toy that you would like to use, let us know and we might be able to customize it with a hidden camera (depending on the toy).

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They'll Never Know.

If you need video recording on the sly, a Hidden Camera Watch might be a good choice. It's unassuming and easy to operate.

It's water resistant up to 10ft, and has button-activated infrared for night vision. A USB cable is included for quick and easy file transfers, and if leather is more your style, we have that too.

Preventative Measures.

Scare criminals off with imitation cameras - with a flashing red light, it looks real and no one is going to gamble that it isn't.

Use it in your business or home to help prevent vandalism and theft. It is rust-resistant and can be mounted anywhere inside or out - convenience stores, parking lots, entrances and more.

Pair these up with real cameras and you've got a stable and robust security system.

Hide Your Valuables.

A criminal knows exactly where to look - don't fall into the trap of hiding your valuables in these obvious-to-thieves places.
Put them where they don't expect it, like a can of pop in your pantry or cold cellar. They'll never find it.

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We have everything you need to protect your home, business and family.

We're a start-to-finish kind of company - we'll help you select and design your security system setups, provide professional installation and ongoing customer service.

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