We offer many different products in-store, including hidden cameras, security systems, hidden safes and more.

Visit us M-F 10-6PM or Sat 10-2PM so you can check them out in person.


Capture Evidence.

Hook your business or home up with a complete surveillance system - up to 32 cameras per DVR.

Feel Safe.

Don't worry about things that go bump in the night - you can feel safe knowing that you've got yourself protected, and let everyone else know it too: criminals don't like houses that have visible cameras on them.

Never Be Without.

Once you feel the security of a surveillance system, you'll never be without. You'll probably add and expand.


Hidden Cameras Are A Good Thing.

Protect yourself, your family or your business.

Evidence Made Easy.

Within seconds of setup, you'll be recording. All of our products are easy to use.

Why Do You Need A Camera?

Anytime there is the potential for danger, theft or mischief, you need evidence on your side. If your nanny is neglecting your children, how would you know? If your cleaning lady is stealing from you, how would you find out?


* Please be aware that the services and/or products we offer are not to be used for any unlawful purposes. Terms and Conditions here.