GPS Tracker = Your Handy Little Friend.

A GPS Tracker follows the movement and location of a vehicle, person or object by using real-time or historical satellite data. Trackers can be used for monitoring, or placed on a fleet of your company vehicles.

If you're not sure about understanding the data - with stop-overs, GPS coordinates and lay-over times, you can hire a U-Spy Canada Investigator to monitor the unit(s) for you. You will receive an easy-to-read report and professional advice.

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How It Works.

A GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network.

This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals, which are transmitted to GPS devices. Information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction is received.


Are There Fees?

Yes and no. Depending on which tracker you purchase,
you may opt for a monthly data plan, pay-as-you-go (SIM card) or no monthly fees for a historical GPS tracker.


The SilverCloud GPS Unit.

Real-time satellite signals for serious tracking.

With 2D and 2D map views, and a cloud-based server, unlimited data tracking can be stored.

Data is viewed online with historical reporting options - or you can watch the vehicle move right before your eyes (within 3 seconds).


It might look the same as the standard unit, but it's not.

This baby has 4x the battery life of the standard SilverCloud GPS. It can track continuously for 30 days on a single charge, based on 2hrs of driving per day.

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Uses For GPS Tracking:

- Teenaged Drivers
- Spousal Activities
- Truck Drivers
- Taxi Drivers
- Car Rentals
- Vehicle Theft Recovery
- Child Protection
- Item Theft Recovery
- Shipment Tracking
- More...

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GPS Rentals.

If you need temporary GPS Tracking, you can rent a unit instead of purchasing one.

Fill out our Rental Inquiry form or contact us - you'll be tracking soon.

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Personal GPS Tracking.


Your newly licensed teenager is driving your car and you want to keep tabs.


Assist you in selecting a GPS tracking system from our line of quality products.

Install the GPS tracking system and monitor the GPS data.

Print out an easy-to-read report of vehicle movements and stop-overs.

Business GPS Tracking.


Unexplained mileage on company vehicles, absences from work, high insurance rates due to employee accidents or customer dissatisfaction with a sales rep.


Conduct discreet customers satisfaction surveys.

Install covert GPS trackers in company vehicles.

Install covert cameras and audio recording equipment in company vehicles.

Conduct surveillance of employees while operating company vehicles.

Provide historical/real-time satellite tracking of employee’s activities.



Everything You Need.

We carry everything you need for your GPS Tracker.

Weather-proof magnetic cases, battery life extenders, hardware kits and mounts.

Contact us or visit us in-store to purchase - 871 Ottawa Street Windsor ON.

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